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The enemy is at the gates and the time for heroes is now! In this fun new math game, your kingdom is depending on you to defend its castle from wave after wave of undead hordes. Rally your squad, man your battle stations, and take aim at the legion of skeleton warriors, goblin soldiers, and black knights! This is a tower defense game where math is the weapon of choice. While playing you’ll fire back at the encroaching monsters by answering a series of math questions before the villains can crush your castle. Each correct answer becomes a successful attack which weakens or destroys a single foe. Only you and ability to quickly answer math questions can stop the bad guys and save the kingdom. Do you have what it takes? Of course you do! But Beware! The longer you hold off the anti-math zealots, the more powerful and plentiful they become! Fight them tooth and nail using your wits and clicks before taking on a mini-boss to clear the level. This is your time to shine and show off the math skills you’ve already honed or sharpen up your abilities as you play. Face forward, chin up and command a party of archers, mage’s, dwarves and even the Queen herself as you draw upon the raw power of math itself to smite the forces of evil!

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